SWISSTRAX Garage floor tiles


The most popular and versatile tile style. Also available as a smooth surface and higher strengths, and multiple colours.


Offers realistic hardwood grains and patterns. Also available in higher strengths and multiple patterns.

Graphictrax Pro

Customize your floor with your own graphics. The possibilities are endless.

Logotrax Pro

Provide the logo and we'll transform it into bold flooring.


UV Stabilized rubber featuring favorite tile styles with anti-fatigue benefits. Also available in white non-rubber.


With Swisstrax garage floor tiles, you can get that showroom quality look with a floor that is more durable, longer lasting and better performing.

Swisstrax tile do not fade and are resistant to heat, weather and chemicals.

Ribtrax tiles are manufactured to withstand 60,000 lbs of rollover weight.


Innovative connection system allows for tiles to be removed anywhere within the system to access possible spills or leaks. The understructures ¼” channel systems allows debris and liquids to be washed out from under the system when required.

Swisstrax perforations allow debris and liquids to flow through the tile providing you with a clean and dry surface. Be the envy of your neighbors without all the labor.